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Very friendly staff, like to see the way they all work together as we Very friendly staff, like to see the way they all work together as well. Poor line system. When I questioned why, they said the bolt was tight getting off so you should replace it. Bolt was in brand new condition. Petty Scam! Jon T. The person I was talking to was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Teshassana P. The team was very nice and professional! Even had a few laughs. Great customer service. FastService men and women friendly, polite. The tech had difficulty removing and reinstalling my vehicle's air filter housing. He had to call over the manager to reinstall He had to call over the manager to reinstall. I thought he had stripped the screw.

Also, he did not reset my oil service indicator even though my receipt states that he did. Not sure what this means, but, it doesn't instill confidence. Jill D. I was in and out in a timely fashion, and everyone I interacted with was courteous and friendly. I recently moved further away f Because the Supervisor had to assist me. I was told by another worker they had t I was told by another worker they had to include special inspections on the vehicles and on Saturday it takes longer.

I was very upset also because they took another customer ahead of me. Chris L. I thought it extremely expensive. This oil change All I saw was them filling a container from a bulk drum. I have no idea if this was truly full synthetic oil and Dexos compliant for a GM vehicle. The rest of the inspections I also do myself.

Friendliness of the staff and their extreme knowledge of their jobs. I always trust my car at the Greenbrook location. Benz Drop. The team was very polite and efficient as well as thorough in their diagnosis of my vehicle. I was in and out in 20 minutes. The technicians were highly knowledgable and polite. The manager Steven and associate greeted me right away. They were all very professional and courteous. I will definitely return I will definitely return because of The professional service I received.

The manager there is on top of the staff and watches over the process carefully.

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He always treats me like a customer when I am t He always treats me like a customer when I am there, not like he is doing me a favor by servicing the car. He really gets it. His name is Steve. Chris S. The manager Steve is a pleasure. Highly knowledgeable and engaging. Very courteous and polite. Friendly staffKnowledgeable staffPositive work environment- staff are great team players.

I arrived later in the afternoon so I was expecting there to be a line to get into the service center. I was right, there were I was right, there were 3 other cars waiting outside the service center. I pulled in behind the car waiting at bay 3 to make it easier for other cars to pull into the lot. Three or four other cars pulled into the lot after me and were also in the second spot behind each bay.

Other bays opened up before mine did but the employees kept the cars flowing into bays by who arrived first. And of course, when I did get into the service center my experience was thorough, courtesy and fast. Always been a fan of this location and will keep going back. Steve M. Terry D. The oil changes are always quick and the sales people are always courteous. I understand that they may have a job to do in up se I understand that they may have a job to do in up selling but I am rarely interested in that.

There is always constant pressure to purchase additional items and services. I go to get an oil change for an oil change. As I mentioned they are always courteous but the constant pressure for additional purchases makes it uninviting. Good staff. Dynamics are really good and people are knowledgeable. The technician did what he supposed to do. Karen P. The staff was friendly and the service was quick! Rick C. It was very quick and the staff knew exactly what they had to do. They were friendly and thorough and made a suggestion.

Looked up old work I had done there. Great group of people. Always recommend. I use this facility for all my vehicles. Paul M. There were recommendations on the bill for future services which were e-mailed to me, however, they were never brought up during Flo L. The service is always super. I had Lee this time and I believe the last time I was there also. He is very efficient and friend He is very efficient and friendly.

Goes into detail about everything that is done. Laura A. I really appreciated that the staff was informative but did not pressure me to do additional work on the car. They even suggeste They even suggested I have a mechanic look at some of the issues they were not equipped to handle. I was very grateful for this approach and it makes me more likely to use their services again. New Jersey. Straight forward Sevice and good recommendation to flush and change power steering fluid.

Tom H. People were professional and it exceeded my expectations. Rory B. Our family has been a customer of this Vavloline service center for about two years, and I have been dealing with them as a cust Our family has been a customer of this Vavloline service center for about two years, and I have been dealing with them as a customer of Enterprise Rental cars. The service is consistently excellent. Steve the manager was friendly and very knowledgeable.

He answered my questions without rolling his eyes and responding g in sha He answered my questions without rolling his eyes and responding g in shaming tone. He educated me on tire pressure as well as giving the rational behind his explanation. Westley was friendly and advised me of services I needed without the hustle.

I very much appreciated his approach. I have been going here for years. Have sent at lease 4 or 5 people here. Had a new guy and he was so very nice! It was a great experience with cordial, competent people. Changed my oil in good time. Roseann O. The staff was through, efficient, great at communicating what they were doing and very friendly. Explained everything and answered all my questions. Wasn't pushy about buy Wasn't pushy about buying anything extra or upselling on more expensive items. Happy, friendly, went above and wrote the new mileage on the sticker instead of using the automated print out.

Great staff good group of guys hard working and funny love the Greenbrook location. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Quick service and reasonable pricing. It appeared that everyone got along there. Made me feel very comfortable and welcoming. I also had my young baby with me asleep in the back seat. They were very considerate. I will be going there next time I need an oil change for sure. Staff was knowledgeable and helpful. They made suggestions, but didn't pressure me to purchase anything.

The manager is excell The manager is excellent. Fast and friendly staff the assistant manager was very helpful and overall great I will be returning again. Claire E. The woman in charge was friendly and knowledgeable. She told me up front what it would cost and why. My experience could not have been better. Chris B. The staff that serviced my car were very personable and knowledgable. My main contact, Stefaun, was very helpful and friendly. I wanted to figure out ahead of time what really needed to be covered in my checkup. The assisant manager, whom did my services, The assisant manager, whom did my services, came to me and only did what was needed for my milage.

Kevin M. They operate the way customer service used to be. Even though I had to wait outside for more than 30mins, the crew was nice and apologetic once my car was being serviced. I will I will continue to use this location! Diatom Industries LLC. Please stop the nonsense about slugdey oil and needing an engine flush. The stupid consumer is your best customer. Ken W. I'm never highly satisfied. G James. Simply great service and value.

Steve is a friendly, professional person and a top notch manager. All of the staff are great as All of the staff are great as well. I've been a customer years now, very satisfied. Valvoline employees and service techs were wonderful and had the best customer service skills! I had such a fun experience at Va I had such a fun experience at Valvoline and can't wait to bring back for another oil change.

I trust the recommendations of the professionals working there, they made me feel so welcomed! Bernie C. Weslie worked on my car and other techs I was very satisfied with their service. John and Karen B. Valvoline is where we get all of our vehicles serviced. The employee was professional and polite and I got through quickly. Jen S. Service was great. Tech was very professional and efficient.

Greg H. Very professional and knowledgeable. The friendliness of the staff was amazing. Everyone was in good spirits and I felt very comfortable during my oil change. The st It is a very pleasant experience going to get an oil change because of the great customer service!!

Great job!!! Frank H. The best part is knowing that everything was done, my self as a mechanic like that I could see the oil being put in and see the The best part is knowing that everything was done, my self as a mechanic like that I could see the oil being put in and see the oil filter which is my biggest concern, also how the techs communicate with one another on what was completed.

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Overall it's a little pricey but worth it for those who don't have knowledge, time, and or tired of working on cars at work and don't want to come home an work on cars when you get home like myself. Steven D. Joseph F. The service was prompt and the technicians were courteous. Fast service but they make sure all is fastened tight and they seem to follow a script that ensures consistency. They get to bus They get to business and do what they need to.

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Oscar A. It is very important when you go into this type services to count with an experienced staff. I highly recommend this specific Valvoline site to the general public. Steven and his staff are highly trained in the field, great service, good experience, very efficient. I have been visiting this Valvoline store on Route 22 for more than 5 years. The service representative was knowledgeable and met all my needs, understood my needs from our conversation about the service I The service representative was knowledgeable and met all my needs, understood my needs from our conversation about the service I was requesting.

Did not push me to purchase other services I did not want, but made recommendations on what you have to offeer. Thank you Christina. Linda R. Christina was professional and courteous. It only took 12 minutes for the oil change. I was treated very well and will return. An excellent experience. He was extremely service oriented and offered He was extremely service oriented and offered several additional service tips that he recommended getting done due to the length of time since the last service dates.

I was most appreciative of his guidance and professionalism. Kevin Alfieri. You are very fortunate to have someone like this on your You are very fortunate to have someone like this on your payroll. Very hard to find employees like this! I stopped going to this Valvoline about five years ago when they took my engine cover off and did not reinstall properly. Experience today was completely different. Service techs looked and acted like professionals. Manager loaned me a radiator cap and told me where I could purchase a new one, then switched them when I returned 10 minutes later.

The people are pleasant and the service is good and fast. Lisa B. I've been coming here for oil changes for years! Love the staff and always a smile from them. Long time customer. Knowledgeable staff. Overall knowledge and customer courteous staff. Great customer service and quality product. I am always very happy with the service I receive from this Valvoline. They are consistently courteous, quick, and friendly. I never feel pressured with upsales, and I know when the service is done, I don't need to worry about my vehicle.

A DeBo. The lead of the site is fantastic. Lead tech was knowledgeable, professional and confident. Totally trustworthy.

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He made me laugh and made the experience more pl He made me laugh and made the experience more pleasurable. Quick professional service. This location is always professional and courteous. I have been going there for years and will continue to do so. I have also re I have also recommended this location to friends many times. Staff was excellent and whole experience was wonderful. We will be back! Barbara R. The associate, christina who serviced my car was extremely friendly and thorough.

I felt confident that she is knowledgable and I felt confident that she is knowledgable and experienced in servicing vehicles.

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I had a very pleasant experience. Very good experience. Nice staff. Friendly and knowledgeable. Rick M. The staff was polite and efficient. They have always been good to me. I bring three high-mileage cars there for service. On two occasions, a part they needed to i On two occasions, a part they needed to interact with in order to complete the service has broken, and they replaced them free of charge.

They have figured out the best discounts on service, especially when multiple services have been performed. Wait time is usually short and jobs do not last too long. Very friendly and professional.. Very pleased with staff and service.. Charles F. Professionalism, speed, clear communication. Sung kim.

I used the Groupon. I already paid the service but I needed to pay more like tax and something. Kathy W. My experience going to Valvoline is consistently an excellent one. The staff is extremely nice and knowledgeable. I beleive the assistant manager serviced my vehicle. I think his name was Chris.

He helped me choose which coupon would help me save more money. Which I greatly appreciated. The first time I went the manager Steven introduced himself and welcomed me. I love going there. The service is fast and prompt and I can continue with my day. They always take care of what they have to. The manger The manger or leader of this store is excellent. Steven Knight was highly engaging. He made the experience personal, enjoyable, and instilled confidence in the product.

Person was courteous and informative. Donna S. The technician was knowledgeable, friendly, explained things to me and answered my questions patiently and fully. I always have I always have a positive experience at your shop. Technician was very knowledgeable, confident and most importantly he treated me like family. Delia D. Christine and the guys who did the oil change were wonderful! Ron F. Told me I need synthetic oil. I know it is not needed. Mike Barnes. Serviceman was extremely professional. Very knowledgeable and courteous!

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Jane Ayre. They were courteous and friendly. I always go there as they are kind, welcoming and attentive to my needs. Rob S. I would have preferred oil from actual quart containers not a 50 gallon drum. The technician did not know how to reset the oil l The technician did not know how to reset the oil light. I stood in the bay with my 80 year old mother waiting for the service to be completed and was not advised there even was a waiting room.

It was not clearly visible if there was one which I did find a little odd. The oil change seemed expensive compared to my previous oil changes. I'm always highly satisfied with Valvoline's customer service. They are quick and efficient, and they are friendly while they w They are quick and efficient, and they are friendly while they work. I know that my vehicles are in good hands.

My father is actually a mechanic near me, and I still take my car to Valvoline. Judy N. The person who took care of me acknowledged my wait it was a Saturday and took care of the car quickly and efficiently. She dis She discussed oil types with me, checked other fluids, showed me the fresh oil level. I came away feeling the job was done right. Linda S.

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  • Very courteous, explained everything they did. DID not try to get sell additional services. No waiting.


    Quick and friendly service. Oscar V. All staff very well mannered, helpful, polite and answered all my questions. Greenbrook Valvoline is my guy to place. Steve and Christina are polite and professional always and explain thoroughly the servi Steve and Christina are polite and professional always and explain thoroughly the services and show me my filters etc. Pat M. Eddie was very personable and professional in his interaction with me.

    He was both effective and efficient in a timely manner. He thanked me for coming to his location when I was leaving. A very pleasant experience! Linda L. Very happy with service here. Come to this location all the time. Great people working here. Everyone was very friendly also I like the fact that no body was pushi about buying more stuff. Because it was cool. Chris K. Quick service, friendly associates. Tina H. The person helping me was amazing. Very friendly and certious. Gilvin served on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

    His stature in the halls of government, alongside his commitment to the show, provided a clear path to the initial construction of the theater. As Paul Green continued to travel to the Panhandle and conduct his research, the volunteers of the Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation expanded their reach to extend to a large number of folks in the area. Not content to sit and wait, the Foundation staged a sound and light show in the theater in the summer of Bill Rhew and Joe Batson designed a technical installation and produced a show to demonstrate dynamics provided within the setting of the Palo Duro Canyon.

    The Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation is organized as a nonprofit organization and is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors who give of their time, energy, money and expertise for the benefit of this effort. Second and third generations of supporters are committed to the preservation of the panhandle history through theatre. Families and individuals across the Panhandle and the nation give generously to help make this great educational and historical project a reality each season.

    Significant opportunities exist to support the goals of the foundation. Your Name. Your Email. Website Sponsored by Media. Phone Number: Fax: Many ask why we don't list deals and sales for the stores in our database. We choose to focus our attention on coupon codes only, because our mission is to have absolutely the best coupon code database on the Internet.

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